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Display Board

Portable display boards would normally come from the lightweight folding display board range. Folding systems have a set number of panels that are held together using hinges. Aluminium frames have metal hinges and the uPVC frames have a flexible plastic hinge. Folding stands are easy to store and transport, they simply fold out, no tools needed. These display boards would normally be covered in fabric.

Wall Mounted Notice Display Boards

Can either be fabric covered for pinning and attaching graphics or have a dry wipe and magnetic surface. The latter allows you to write removable messages using a dry wipe marker and/or displays printed material using magnets.

Tabletop Display Boards

A favourite with the educational sector, you will often see tabletop display boards at recruitment fairs, early learning open days. Simple and effective, the most common type will be folding panels that open up and you then attach your printed message.

Display Board

Combination Board

Combination Board

  • Dual purpose board in front side
  • Combination of pin-up notice board and white board
  • Combination of pin-up notice board and green board
  • Combination of green board and white board
  • Available in all sizes

Banner Board

Banner Board

  • Use full as writing with branding
  • Branding space available in top of board and rest area blank for dally activities
  • Available Board - Dry erase white board, green chalk board & pin board also in all sizes.

Fabric Magnetic Pin Up Notice Board

Fabric Magnetic Pin Up Notice Board
  • Pin up notice board accept push pin and magnetic button, duster and any magnetic article
  • Available in six different colors Beige / Blue / Green/ Gray / Maroon & Red.

Color: Green, Red, Blue, Grey, Maroon, Beige.

Available Size in CM

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